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The Balm Voyage, Vol II


Not only does The Balm have amazing packaging that’s a throwback to the days of squeaky clean beach fun but their products are excellent quality. I have to admit I was drawn to the colorful and creative packaging of this all-in-one-palette, but I was pleasantly surprised when I realized how amazing the makeup really is. Here is a look I put together using this palette alone. I combined the color with some brand new Palladio lipstick. Enjoy!

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Meal Plan: 12/11/2016

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I spent this past snowy Sunday cooking in the kitchen for the week. Here are my simple recipes:


Potato and Carrot Tots (from Skinnytaste)

Cabbage and Dill Salad


Persian Cucumbers with Smoked Salmon and Capers

Greek Yogurt with Peach Jam and Sliced Almonds


Summer Roll Bowl with Miso Honey dressing*

*My version has added mushrooms and a different dressing

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Lipstick Fun!

Blogged while the dog slept on my lap

I recently purchased some new fun lip colors (fun meaning not the muted pinky nude that I usually wear). In fact, I got quite a few compliments in the office for my pop of color. I thought I’d share some of those looks. As you know, I can never just use one, so these are combinations of lip liners and lipsticks.

What are your favorite lip liner/lipstick combos?

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Meal Plan: 12/04/16

Blogged while watching Chopped!

I’m so excited about my meal plan this week because I got some brand new Bento Boxes. It’s easier to plan meals because I get a visual of each compartment. Recipes are below.

Bon Appetit!


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Subscription Review: YouTube Red

I recently signed up for YouTube Red and with all the subscription services out there, you may wonder if YouTube is one you should.
(Please note this opinion was in no way influenced and/or paid for by YouTube)

New Year’s Resolution 2017


Blogged while contemplating the future

2017 will be the first year when my New Year’s resolution actually has nothing to do with weight loss. I guess after you’ve reached a certain age, you start to accept yourself for the way you are or take active steps to change the things you don’t like. This year, I want to do something I’ve never even attempted to do before: watch every single Oscar nominated film.

The Academy Awards ceremony is without a doubt the most glamorous night in Hollywood. I watch the event every year and it’s the only Hollywood awards ceremony that I make sure to always catch. I appreciate the classiness of the event. Though there were years when I’ve watched some of the films, there’s never been a time when I’ve seen all of them. Until 2017.

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Election 2016

Blogged on a stalled subway
I have had some time to calm down since the results of the 2016 presidential election. I admit that I was livid and this rage lasted from when I first heard the news the morning of November 9th until about last week. There are many things I can say that would showcase my opinion about our President-Elect, but instead, upon reflecting I came to realize one extremely important thing: President Obama has left us with a legacy of demanding change.
The public is getting educated and as the saying goes “knowledge is power.”

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Photo Collection: Autumn in New York

Introduction to Milo

I’m Milo, a shelter dog that lives with Meadow. I’m playful, silly, and love to cuddle. There’s nothing better than curling up on the couch with Meadow (except maybe if she also has a treat for me). This page will feature tips and tricks for your best friend from Meadow’s best friend! Oh, and here’s a picture of how adorable I am.


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