Anastasia Beverly Hills in quickly gaining a reputation as being more than just eyebrows. The liquid lipsticks and lip glosses have an avid following on Instagram. What pushes this brand to the top is the exceptional quality of its products that fulfill the promise of long-lasting and moisturizing wear.

I (went a little crazy) and bought a couple of liquid lipsticks and an entire set of glosses. I purchased the lipstick at Macy’s and the Lustrous Lip Gloss Set online.

Though I got a lot of colors to add to my collection for such a low price ($40 for a set of 8), I am very disappointed with the color selection. They claim to be the best sellers but I can’t imagine these particular colors being most often sold.

First of all, they are mostly all sparkly. The trend of metallic and sparkles reminiscent of the early 2000s is attempting to make a comeback, but I personally would prefer it stay in the past.

I’m not a big fan of crazy colors and one that was included in this pack was Gilded, a metallic champagne gold. I can’t imagine an occasion when I would wear that color. But I can see myself using it as a gloss over another color. Because of the integrity of the formula, you are able to pile it on without it forming into gross clumps. It is thick and reminds me of another early 2000s trend: the Juicy Tubes. Despite it’s thick texture, it glides on smoothly and stays put.

The lipsticks weren’t a favorite: they have a very thin formula which is slick against your lips when you put it on but then dries and doesn’t move. This makes it a little difficult to work with because you are more prone to making a mistake and then being unable to fix it (because the product has already dried and you’ll be unable to remove it unless with oil based cleansers).

Since I already made the purchases, I decided that I would have to make use of them. I put on Pure Hollywood, let is dry for a few seconds, and then went over it with Dainty. And this was the result:

I paired this lipstick with my 2016 New Year’s look