It was the early 1990s in a small village in the former Soviet Union. My cousin came over to play but realized that I was nowhere to be found. He searched and searched until he reached the closet between the foyer and the kitchen. Upon opening the door, he discovered me in all my glory. There I was: seated on a throne of pillows with my mother’s makeup kit on my lap. The powders, shimmers, and creams had tiny indents from where my fingers dipped into them. On my face was electric blue eye shadow, black eyeliner accenting my lips, with red lipstick filling them. I applied more and more checking my reflection in the mirror wondering “why can’t I go to school like this? I am stunning!”

“Don’t tell mom,”I said to him.

Years later, my cousin recounted this story, telling me “you were born a woman…”

 My Blogging Philosophy:

You will notice that I do not drone on and on in my posts. I try to keep them short, sweet, and right to the point.

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Who is Meadow?


Hometown Brooklyn, NY
Birthday Libra, Dragon
Skin Type Oily, Acne prone
Eye shape Hooded
Face Shape Round
Physique Curvy
Favorite Drugstore Brand Maybelline
Favorite High End Brand The Balm, Too Faced
Ulta or Sephora? Ulta
Rite Aid, CVS/Walgreens, or Duane Reade? Rite Aid
Favorite Beauty Blogger Stephanie Lange,
Favorite Foodie Blogger Skinnytaste
Perfect Saturday Night Netflix, the husband, and the dog
Favorite Kitchen Appliance FoodSaver Vac, Immersion Blender
Favorite Meal Fried chicken
Soup or Salad? Soup
Guilty Pleasure 90s Bubblegum Pop
My Secret Still haven’t mastered fake eyelashes and rarely wear them
Fun Fact: I don’t know how to drive