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CoverGirl Oh Sugar Vitamin Infused Lip Balm in “Cupcake”

CoverGirl has expanded their line of lip products to include tinted lip balm infused with grapeseed oil, avocado butter, and vitamin C & E. Following in the footsteps of their drugstore cousin, Maybelline (and the popular Baby Lips Tinted Balms) the release of this product was very exciting for me. I wasn’t a big fan of the Maybelline baby lips because mostly it made me feel like I was using the same products I did when I was in junior high school. But CoverGirl’s balms are lip care for the big girls!

Category: 2


  • extremely moisturizing
  • is light and comfortable
  • nourishing and healing


  • color pay off not great
  • sweet but unpleasant taste

Meadow’s Tip:

  • I lightly swipe this color over a matte lipstick to add a much needed bit of moisture without compromising the matte finish.Verdict: 4/5
    Would purchase again

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Review: Absolute NY Buttery Matte Lip Cream

Buttery Matte Lip Cream, Absolute NY

On my trip to Beauty 35, I picked up a new product from Absolute New York. I consider this company a category 1 because it is less expensive than drugstore brands and to be honest, I haven’t had much luck finding acceptable products from it. Everything seemed really cheap and low quality, but I am very excited about Absolute New York’s Velvet Lippies

(left to right) AVL14 Razzle, AVL09 Mull It Over, AVL13 Lolita

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Review: Beauty Box Subscriptions


A few years back I started my expedition into finding the best Beauty Box prescription to fit my needs. There are a lot to choose from and between September 2015 and now, I have so far tried three (maybe I’ll try more). My demands aren’t high but I love the opportunity to try before I buy.

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Review: Translucent Powders

016Translucent Powders have been on the rise lately. With the new trend of baking (thank you Drag Queen culture), having a good translucent powder in your collection is a must. It is ideal for setting make-up, especially if you tend to use more cream based products or have oily skin (like me!). Here are a few drugstore translucent powder that I’ve tried over the years:

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Review: Murad Invisiblur Perfecting Shield


This product is a category 4. For a full description of beauty product categories, please visit the My Beauty Philosophy page.

As everyone knows to be true, there are three rules for maintaining youthful looking skin:

  • drink lots of water,
  • moisturize your face, and
  • always use sunblock.

I keep a bottle of water at my desk, I finally found an amazing moisturizer for my oily skin, but finding the perfect SPF has always eluded me. Most moisturizers that have an SPF make my skin greasy (it’s like I’m wearing sunblock) and this doesn’t help my already oily skin. A friend received a free sample of the Murad Invisiblur Perfecting Shield and suggested I try it. From the moment I placed it on my face, I was in love!

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Review: MAC Prep + Prime Fix +


This product is a category 3. For a full description of beauty product categories, please visit the My Beauty Philosophy page.

I purchased MAC’s Prep + Prime Fix + after seeing it used repeatedly in YouTube tutorials. I was curious about its use of adding vibrance to eye shadows but mostly I just wanted to figure out what its purpose was. Is it a makeup setting spray? Is it a primer? Is it for eye shadows? The answer is yes to all three. You would think that’s where it went wrong as usually when a product tries to be too versatile, it fails at everything it promises on. That was until I looked at the ingredients…

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