A few years back I started my expedition into finding the best Beauty Box prescription to fit my needs. There are a lot to choose from and between September 2015 and now, I have so far tried three (maybe I’ll try more). My demands aren’t high but I love the opportunity to try before I buy.


Founded by YouTube blogger (and an inspiration to us all) Michelle Phan

  • combination of high end and drugstore brand products
  • site offers discount on product samples for the month
  • includes a profile questionnaire which tailor your samples to your taste
  • low price-point ($10/month and free shipping)
  • You get a really cute make-up bag (and it changes every month)
  • None

YES for Everyone!



Birchbox launched in 2010 by two friends who were frustrated with the task of purchasing products without knowing their effectiveness


  • includes a profile questionnaire which tailor your samples to your taste
  • low price-point ($10/month)
  • free shipping with purchases over $25
  • branches out to Birchbox Man


  • seems to be only high end brands, no drugstore
  • no discount on purchasing items online
  • online questionnaire wasn’t effective*

*I filled out the questionnaire and started getting mostly hair and skin care products. I went back to ensure that I specified I only wanted cosmetics yet I still continued to get mostly (though not all) hair and skin products. I eventually cancelled my subscription because I wasn’t getting much use from it


YES/NO. I suggest you look through the list of products they sell on the site to get an idea of the samples you will receive. They didn’t happen to be for me, so I decided to cancel.


Lip Monthly

I heard about Lip Monthly from YouTube’s Zabrena, who was asked to review the service. I signed up for it not so much based on her recommendation, but because lip products are my favorite cosmetics category. They send you 4-5 lip products each month


  • Products are a combination of high end and drugstore brand
  • includes free make up bag


  • Price point in higher than other subscriptions ($13/month but with free shipping)
  • no online questionnaire to cater to your taste
  • products are not always just for lips*

*This month (Dec 2015) I received only four products and two of them were blushes. They weren’t lip and cheek blushes either, they were cheek only. One was cream based and one was a powder. This didn’t sit well with me so I suspended my subscription


YES/NO. If you’re a newcomer and are mostly comfortable with lipstick, this may be for you. Because I am subscribed to Ipsy, I felt Lip Monthly was obsolete since it took up valuable lip product space with items that aren’t for the lips.