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April 2016

Introduction to Milo

I’m Milo, a shelter dog that lives with Meadow. I’m playful, silly, and love to cuddle. There’s nothing better than curling up on the couch with Meadow (except maybe if she also has a treat for me). This page will feature tips and tricks for your best friend from Meadow’s best friend! Oh, and here’s a picture of how adorable I am.


Product Reviews

Blogged while wondering exactly what positronic distillation of subatomic particles is and whether it truly can’t be done.


CoverGirl Oh Sugar Vitamin Infused Lip Balm in “Cupcake”

CoverGirl has expanded their line of lip products to include tinted lip balm infused with grapeseed oil, avocado butter, and vitamin C & E. Following in the footsteps of their drugstore cousin, Maybelline (and the popular Baby Lips Tinted Balms) the release of this product was very exciting for me. I wasn’t a big fan of the Maybelline baby lips because mostly it made me feel like I was using the same products I did when I was in junior high school. But CoverGirl’s balms are lip care for the big girls!

Category: 2


  • extremely moisturizing
  • is light and comfortable
  • nourishing and healing


  • color pay off not great
  • sweet but unpleasant taste

Meadow’s Tip:

  • I lightly swipe this color over a matte lipstick to add a much needed bit of moisture without compromising the matte finish.Verdict: 4/5
    Would purchase again

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April is Heartworm Awareness Month

I know my usual posts are quick and easy, but I’d like to take this opportunity and post the long but important story of Milo’s journey  with heartworm.

We adopted Milo from a shelter that rescued dogs from other shelters (often kill shelters). We fell in love with his tiny face when we first spotted him on Needless to say, as soon as we got the chance to hold him in our arms, it was love at first sight. We took him home the same day.

We didn’t know much about Milo. His given name was Barnum (he was rescued along with a sibling, Bailey) and he came from North Carolina. He was neutered, and even has a small green tattoo to prove this (in case you see ghost testicles). He had been suffering from tapeworms when we first got him, but a quick visit to our local vet cleared it up and he was as good as new. We kept up his shots and when Faithful Friends Animal Hospital opened up within walking distance of our house, we decided to take him there for his annual check-up.


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E.L.F. Studio Makeup Haul


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