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Tips & Tricks: New lifestyle to help reach goal Weight


Between the months of April and September 2015, I lost 25 lbs. When the weather started getting colder and I couldn’t go out to enjoy my favorite activity (biking), I switched my goal from losing weight to maintaining my weight loss. It was the first time in my life that I accomplished the weight loss goal I set for myself.

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Tips & Tricks: The Color Theory and Making it Work for your Eyes


15-year-old Me stands in front of a mirror inspecting the day’s outfit. It is my favorite, a red cotton collared shirt with sleeves that go past the wrist and a pair of true blue jeans. Which eye shadow should I match with this look? I wonder. Blue or red? Well, red’s too loud for school, so I’ll just go with blue.

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Tips & Tricks: Quickly remove long-wearing lipstick


Long-wearing lipstick can be great, but it can also be incredibly drying. If you’d like to remove it but the right product is out of reach, lip balm is a great alternative.

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Tips & Tricks: To tone or Not to Tone?

The debate about toners has beauty gurus taking two opposite ends of the spectrum. Some feel this is a necessary step, others don’t see any purpose of it. If you’re thinking about whether you need to start using a toner, first consider your cleansing ritual.

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Tips & Tricks: Eye shadow primers for oily skin

If you’ve got oily skin, odds are you’ve also got oily eye lids. I definitely do. I first noticed this when good quality eye shadows just weren’t blending on my lids. I applied my trusty primer potion and though it did help the shadow stay on my lids perfectly, blending the shades together was very difficult. It clumped where my brush hit it first and wouldn’t move anywhere else. Then I decided to try an experiment and was surprised to find out that it worked perfectly!

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