If you’ve got oily skin, odds are you’ve also got oily eye lids. I definitely do. I first noticed this when good quality eye shadows just weren’t blending on my lids. I applied my trusty primer potion and though it did help the shadow stay on my lids perfectly, blending the shades together was very difficult. It clumped where my brush hit it first and wouldn’t move anywhere else. Then I decided to try an experiment and was surprised to find out that it worked perfectly!

The Process:
After applying my Urban Decay Eye shadow Primer Potion, I take the same big fluffy brush I used to apply my CoverGirl Professional Loose Translucent Powder to set my foundation and swept it across my lids. I didn’t add any extra as what remained on the brush was enough. This soaked up some of the excess oil from the lids and helped my eye shadows blend perfectly.

It’s a very small step to take but can give you amazing results!