The debate about toners has beauty gurus taking two opposite ends of the spectrum. Some feel this is a necessary step, others don’t see any purpose of it. If you’re thinking about whether you need to start using a toner, first consider your cleansing ritual.

If you mostly use make up remover wipes toning is a very important step. Make up remover wipes won’t be able to clean away all of what’s left on your face. Following up with a toner will help a lot. Odds are you’ll still see tons of product after using the toner.

If you wash your face with cleansers toning may not be necessary. Specially formulated cleansers that have agents for removing make-up will grab all the product.

I have issues with acne. I hit 22 and my birthday gift was adult acne. All through my teenage years, my skin was perfect, but just when I’m ready to go out into the world, my face is suddenly covered with angry red pimples. Using a toner helped me ensure that all the product was stripped from my skin and dirt was ruled out as a contributing factor of my pimples.

My favorite is the Alcohol-Free Toner by Neutrogena. It is gentle on your face and smells amazing (fresh scent). Plus it’s a drugstore brand and is completely affordable!

My mother swears by Witch Hazel for her skin. Many people use it as a toner as it is said to reduce inflammation and can help with calming the angriest zits (yes, it does work!). WebMD even confirms that Witch Hazel can help treat diarrhea, bruises, and more.

Whatever you choose, healthy and clear skin is always your greatest accessory!