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As everyone knows to be true, there are three rules for maintaining youthful looking skin:

  • drink lots of water,
  • moisturize your face, and
  • always use sunblock.

I keep a bottle of water at my desk, I finally found an amazing moisturizer for my oily skin, but finding the perfect SPF has always eluded me. Most moisturizers that have an SPF make my skin greasy (it’s like I’m wearing sunblock) and this doesn’t help my already oily skin. A friend received a free sample of the Murad Invisiblur Perfecting Shield and suggested I try it. From the moment I placed it on my face, I was in love!


The 1 oz bottle holds the clear cream which has no discernible smell. The flat top pump dispenses a small amount with each use. The cream itself is silky and extremely lightweight: you almost feel like there’s nothing there when it touches your skin.

The product claims to do the following: fight visible signs of aging and wrinkles, act as a primer, protect skin with an SPF 30, and improve skin tone and texture.

Pro: SPF 30 without the greasy feeling
This is especially important because having oily skin, I try to limit the cream based products that I apply to my skin.

Pro: Gives me a porcelain matte complexion
It immediately mattifies my skin and truly does blur any imperfections, such as large pores or small lines.

Con: Price point ($65 plus tax)
The product was $70.77, after tax. Considering it is only 1 oz and I need 2 pumps for my entire face I may need to replenish it more often than I hoped to.

Con: Did not help my make up last longer
It did nothing to help my make up last longer. It lasted just as long as it always does, sliding off around my T-zone in the late afternoon.

Would I re-stock this product into my inventory?


The most important thing I looked for in this product is the SPF protection. The fact that it blurs skin imperfections, is anti-aging, and a primer are an added plus. The verdict is still only 4/5 because of how expensive it is. I understand that great skin products will usually be more expensive than other cosmetic items so I’m willing to put money into this because I get such fabulous results.

If you currently have an SPF defense and are looking for something to blur fine lines and pores, try the Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser Primer. This stuff works in exactly the same way as Murad, but it doesn’t have an SPF.

Verdict: ♥♥♥♥ (4/5)