(Left to right) HD Passion, Devotion, Addiction, Seduction
(Left to right) HD Seduction, Devotion
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I love discovering new products. One of the best things about drugstore brand cosmetics is how often new products are released. One of the latest from Revlon is the Ultra HD Matte Lip Colors. It was difficult to find and it took a while until it was available. I was finally able to get my hands on HD Seduction (dusty rose) and HD Devotion (darker nude). When I realized how much I liked them, I went out and bought HD Passion and HD Addiction

The liquid lipsticks come in 8 different colors. The 0.2 fl oz containers look as though the color is trapped in an oblong shaped piece of ice (really cool). The doe foot applicator picks up a generous amount of product on both sides, limiting the amount of times you need to dip the brush (and lessening how much air gets into the container). The mango-vanilla fragrance is mellow but present and fades pretty quickly. The product goes on wet but dries shortly, though not completely. It is not a traditional matte lipstick and provides more hydration than the typical.

Pro: Starts off hydrating
Because the product has a gel formula, it is hydrating on the lips. Eventually though it dries out. I won’t hold this against it because ALL lipsticks dry out, matte colors more so.

Pro: Sits comfortably on the lips
The product doesn’t slide off. It is perfectly lightweight. Your lips stay hydrated, and you know there’s something on them, but it isn’t so heavy that you have to struggle.

Pro: Easy to use applicator
The applicator moves smoothly along the lips and allows you to get into the corners without smudging on the outside.

Pro: A perfect kind of matte
It feels like a gloss but looks matte, which is the perfect combination. Because of this, your lips don’t feel as dry, but you still get the matte application you’re looking for.

Con: Color variety is limited
There are only 8 colors to choose from but the good thing is that there aren’t any clownish varieties taking up valuable quantity (think neon orange or bright purple). I have a feeling though that if it becomes a part of their permanent collection, there will be more variety.

Con: Some transferred onto the teeth
I had an issue with the darker colors (namely Passion and Addiction) transferring onto my teeth. Not really a good look for me.

Verdict: ♥♥♥♥ (4/5)