Buttery Matte Lip Cream, Absolute NY

On my trip to Beauty 35, I picked up a new product from Absolute New York. I consider this company a category 1 because it is less expensive than drugstore brands and to be honest, I haven’t had much luck finding acceptable products from it. Everything seemed really cheap and low quality, but I am very excited about Absolute New York’s Velvet Lippies

(left to right) AVL14 Razzle, AVL09 Mull It Over, AVL13 Lolita


This liquid lipstick goes smoothly onto the lips and dries matte. It is very lightweight and feels as if there’s nothing on your lips. The color doesn’t transfer if you aren’t eating. The product has a whipped cream/vanilla smell, but this dissipates very quickly.

The product reminds me of NYX Cosmetics Soft Matte Lip Creams but this one is more pigmented and glides on a lot more smoothly.


  1. Rich and pigmented color
  2. Sits comfortably on the lips
  3. Doesn’t transfer
  4. Price point ($3 at Beauty 35, $6 on the website)


  1. Dry lips out through the day
  2. Need to reapply after eating/drinking
  3. Flakes and crusts throughout the day
  4. Needs to be reapplied*

*I don’t necessarily consider this a con as most lipsticks have to be reapplied throughout the day.



AVL14 Lolita
A very light pink with blue undertones. It is lighter than my natural lip color practically erasing it when I applied the lipstick. This was my least favorite of all the ones I bought.
AVL09 Mull It Over
A mauve pink with blue undertones. This really made my green eyes POP!
AVL14 Razzle
A berry dark mauve with a hint of purple