I recently signed up for YouTube Red and with all the subscription services out there, you may wonder if YouTube is one you should.
(Please note this opinion was in no way influenced and/or paid for by YouTube)

Should YouTube Red be a contender for a subscription service:  abso-fucking-lutely!


Price point
It’s only $9.99 per month. That’s barely two skim no-whip PSLs from Starbucks!
Offline Viewing:
You can download videos onto your device and watch them when you’re offline (awesome for me considering I have an hour long commute to/from work which is 45 minutes underground)
It Doesn’t Waste Your Data:
There is an option to download videos only when you’re connected to wi-fi so you won’t accidentally use up all your GBs downloading a bunch of vids to watch offline.
No Commercials
Since you’re paying for this content, everything you watch will be commercial free!
Exclusive YouTube Content
You’ll have access to YouTube exclusive channels and shows. TBH I’m neutral about this because I haven’t yet explored any subscription-only content.


Downloading items takes up space on your phone
That’s right! The data that you download has to go somewhere! So it’ll have to go on your phone. If you’re prone to constantly running out of room, you’ll have to free up space. But the good news is that once you view a video, you can just delete it right from your device and the storage will clear off right away.