Blogged on a stalled subway
I have had some time to calm down since the results of the 2016 presidential election. I admit that I was livid and this rage lasted from when I first heard the news the morning of November 9th until about last week. There are many things I can say that would showcase my opinion about our President-Elect, but instead, upon reflecting I came to realize one extremely important thing: President Obama has left us with a legacy of demanding change.
The public is getting educated and as the saying goes “knowledge is power.”

We are researching and reading.
We are becoming more aware of how American politics work, and how to differentiate between true and false information we read on the internet.
We are no longer putting up with injustice and more of us are getting involved, particularly those that may not be directly affected, but who simply won’t stand for discrimination.
As long as we continue to educate ourselves and demand what is right over what is easy, we will be a nation of strength.
God bless America!