I love to read, but my dilemma is finding books interesting enough to pull me in. My moods differ and I can start off enthusiastic but lose steam halfway through. I realize that I don’t care about the characters and throw the book off to the side.

I’ve tried to read One Hundred Years of Solitude more times than I care to admit. Somewhere near the gypsy with the magic magnet, I lost interest. Once the duel began in Tender is the Night I knew I could never relate to it enough to want to keep reading.

I recently came across this article on PopSugar about books that are set to be turned into movies in 2016 and I thought it may be an interesting challenge to read all those books. Maybe somewhere in this list of amazing books I will find my next great read.

I’ve challenged myself to go through at least 90% of the list (that’s 25 out of the 28 books). Some books are in genres I don’t usually read, but I’m going to give them all a chance and step outside my comfort zone.

I was surprised and delighted that some of these books I have already read.

Like The Great Gilly Hopkins. My class read it in elementary school.  Though I don’t remember much, I remember that it made me sad. I picked up Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children after finding the author incorporated vintage old-timey photos into his story. Essentially, the author was inspired by these photographs and the story was born.

Below you’ll find my progress (but I haven’t started yet)

Fun Tip: use perfume samples (like the ones that come in catalogues) as bookmarks. When you open the book, the delicious smell will hit you and you’ll enjoy the book even more!